Arandi is founded by Anders Tamsen and Pirkko Sulila Tamsen, entrepreneurs and experienced executives in life science and innovation management.


We provide consultancy in life science product development and innovation capacity development and we invest in life science.


Anders Tamsen


M.D., Ph.D. In Medicine, Assoc professor in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine at Uppsala University, Sweden

Professor Tamsens thesis ”Patient-Controlled Analgesic Therapy. The pharmacokinetics of three opiate analgesics in surgical patients and the relation between postoperative demand for analgesics and individual levels of endorphins and substance P in cerebrospinal fluid.” was an important contribution to pain management and was pioneering patient-controlled intravenous and epidural analgesia (PCA) and the development of programmable electronic administration device. Dr. Tamsen initiated, project managed and financed the development and commercialization of the PROMINJECT® pump for PCA that was bought by Pharmacia, Inc.

The academic research focused on Opioid PK/PD after titrated intravenous and spinal/epidural administration of opioids to postoperative patients in severe pain and Dr. Tamsen and his group was the first to use and to publish epidural PCA. Dr. Tamsen has more than 40 original scientific papers, reviews, abstracts and has contributed to chapters in several books on pain management.

Dr. Tamsen has been Medical Advisor and Director of Clinical Research at pharma company Astra Pain Control AB and responsible for clinical research and development of the topical anesthetic cream EMLA™, a mixed agonist-antagonist opioid analgesic (dezocine) licensed from Wyeth. Dr. Tamsen has been Medical Review Officer at the regulatory agency, Medical Products Agency of
Sweden and Senior Medical Advisor at the pharma company Pharmacia Hospital Care AB.

He founded SEDOC Pharmaceutical Medicine AB, a clinical research consultancy operating in Scandinavia 1995-2007 and was the first managing director of SEDOC and stayed on as chairman and owner until the company was successfully sold to Vita Nova Ventures in 2007.

SEDOC Pharmaceutical Medicine was a contract research organization providing advanced clinical development services to pharma and medical device companies. The company served Swedish and international pharma clients in the field of clinical drug development and clinical trials management, clinical data management, pharmacovigilance and outsourcing of research staff. SEDOC managed clinical trials in phase I-III. Clients were pharma companies from US, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, and Scandinavia. The company showed a profit 11 out of the 12 years of its existence and
and on three occasions (in 2002, 2006, 2007) the company received honorary recognition as a fast growing, profitable “Gasell Company” by the leading Swedish business journal “Dagens Industri”.

Arandi is the consultant company to international life science companies through which Dr Tamsen provides medical advice and medical monitoring services relating to clinical development of medical products.

Dr. Tamses has been responsible as the Medical Monitor for the European sites of international phase III trials in type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and phase II trials in seasonal flu, and psoriasis. He has also worked for the European Commission as an scientific evaluator. Dr. Tamsen is an serial entrepreneur and has also been partners in the CRO Chindoc in China and he is investing in life science companies.


Pirkko Sulila Tamsen


PhD in Animal Physiology and a Master of Science in Scientific Subjects
Education in Biology and Chemistry from Uppsala University, Sweden
Certificate in Marketing and Diploma in Business Economics

Företagsekonomiska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Sulila Tamsen was until 2017 the head of Uppsala University Innovation. The focus was on development and execution of a strategy to stimulate entrepreneurship and providing expertise to researchers and students in commercialization of scientific discoveries. Uppsala University is Sweden´s first university and ranked among the one hundred best universities. Uppsala University Innovation. Dr. Tamsen has after leaving Uppsala University Innovation worked with technology transfer and incubator development at other universities in Sweden and Vietnam.

Before taking up her position at Uppsala University, Dr Tamsen was, in 2008-2013, the CEO of several biotech start-up companies based on research discoveries and innovations from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, and Uppsala University, such as of Dilaforette AB (currently known as Modus Therapeutics) .
Between 1999-2007 she was CEO and co-owner of SEDOC PM, a clinical research organisation based in Stockholm.  The company successfully developed its services to a mix of start-up and international big pharma companies and was awarded the entrepreneurial Gasell prize three times. She was also partner in developing the Clinical CRO Chindoc in Bejing and Shanghai. Dr Tamsen has experience in licensing and company exits and from 1989-1999 she held project managerial positions in international clinical drug development programs at Astra (now AstraZeneca) and Kabi/Pharmacia (now Pfizer). She has
been responsible for clinical development programs and collaborations in many European countries, USA, Canada and in Asian countries.


Arandi Innovation AB  and

Arandi Development AB

Karlbergsvägen 30

113 27 Stockholm




Arandi is founded by Anders Tamsen and Pirkko Sulila Tamsen, entrepreneurs and experienced executives in life science and innovation management.

We provide consultancy in life science product development and innovation capacity development, and we invest in life science.


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