Doctor Examining CT Scan



We follow international standards and regulations for drug development and clinical trials, we have repeated business and clients that can give references on request. Our projects and companies have been through due diligence and sales processes so we understand
how to build in quality and value in projects and companies.

Doctor Examining CT Scan



Physician, drug development, clinical development, international program management, start-up and small-medium enterprise development and management, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, start-up incubation, investment

Doctor Examining CT Scan



  •  Training courses in innovation management and capacity building of Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) and Incubators

  •  Analysing existing capacity and development of strategic goals together with the board of directors and the management team

  • Supporting in implementation of setting up and developing TTO and incubators and their methods and processes


  • Investing in start-up companies with seed money or by taking shares

  •  Taking a position as an interim CEO, Board of Director or in the Advisory Board with the goal to increase the company value


  •  Review and development of drug development plans and clinical development plans, study protocols and reports

  • Advising in clinical program development and study design

  • Medical and safety support

  • Recruiting investors and supporting the CRO or company in recruitment

  •  Procurement of CROs and support in writing agreements


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