Transforming science to successful commercial entities

  • Training and education in innovation management

  •  Training and coaching CEO, leaders and boards in strategic development of innovations centres, technology transfer offices and incubators. With deliveries such as inventing the competence and capacity, setting the strategic goals, develop process and methods.



Tracking a path from life science to vital business

  • Investing seed capital in life science start-up companies alone or together with other angel investors and funds.

  • Investing our time and competence in positions such as board of directors, advisory board and interim CEO in return of ownership

  • Tracking and evaluating life science opportunities in Scandinavia for international investors and life science companies

  • Preparing start-ups and SMEs for investments and due diligence


Factors that influence our investment decision are such as the medical need, market opportunity, competitive edge, a team prepared to work with passion and not counting hours to achieve the company goals.



Developing strategies 

  • Review and development of drug development plans and clinical development plans, study

  • protocols and reports

  • Advising in clinical program development and study design

  • Medical and safety support

  • Recruiting investors and supporting the CRO or company in recruitment

  • Procurement of CROs and support in writing agreements


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